Classic Movie Season 2018

During January, February and March 2018 we held a mini Classic Movie Season. We hand-picked three absolute classics which were shown using a proper 16mm projector on a large screen for a genuine, nostalgic experience! All three events were free and very well attended, and picture-goers donated generously. All donations will be held by Strathard Community Trust and will go towards funding future heritage projects and events.
The films were:

19th January 2018: Geordie
9th February 2018: The Gold Rush and Sons of the Desert (double bill)
9th March 2018: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

The events were organised by Strathard Heritage Network and Strathard Community Trust in collaboration with David Skelsey of Film Classics, Callander, and are kindly sponsored by the Strathard Initiative. All events were hosted very kindly by Phil Crowder and staff at The Forth Inn, Aberfoyle.