Community Action Plan

The Third Community Action Plan for Strathard was prepared following community consultation between September 2016 and March 2017. The final Steering Group meeting was held in December 2017 and with the publication of the CAP earlier in the year it was agreed the Steering Group has delivered its objectives and that the responsibility to oversee the delivery of the Action Plan would pass to the Community Trust. It was also agreed that priorities identified under the five Themes should be filtered and, where possible groups / individuals identified to take on delivery.

The process of filtering the CAP priorities was started at the final Steering Group meeting with level one and two priorities discussed in detail. It was agreed at the meeting that the Community Trust would further continue the process and a summary was produced in early 2018.

The revised CAP priorities list should be seen as a working document and a best current estimate of what can be delivered during the life of the Plan (2017 -2022). The filtered priority list can be revisited at any time should the resources become available to deliver additional elements of the CAP or if a case is made for a revision. The filtered list is available here.

Moving forward it is important, with the Trust as the umbrella group, that we encourage all those groups or individuals who may want to have an involvement in delivering elements of the CAP and make it as easy as possible for them to get involved. One suggestion (at the final Steering Group meeting) was that we identify one community group to take ownership of each of the themes but there was no consensus on this and further discussion is required on how best to involve the wider community in the delivery of the CAP.