Strathard Strategic Partnership: Purpose and Role

The Strathard Strategic Partnership’s (SSP) primary role is communication and coordination – so that those responsible for service delivery can work together to ensure effective and efficient development that meets the needs of the local population and the environment. To support the purpose and ethos of the SSP partners agree to:

• Work positively together in an atmosphere of openness and honesty
• Share information
• Support the priorities and aspirations of the Strathard Community Action Plan
• Report to the community of Strathard on a regular basis.

The SSP seeks to bring together the key community and statutory agencies with an interest in Strathard, including:
1. Strathard Community Trust, which has responsibility for developing and actioning the Community Action Plan
2. Strathard Community Council as the elected community representative body
3. Aberfoyle Traders Association, which represents business interests
4. Stirling Council (SC)
5. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority (LLTNPA)
6. Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (Strathard Initiative)
7. Forest Enterprise Scotland
8. Scottish Natural Heritage

1. To bring together representatives, including the Strathard Initiative, from key community organisations and significant statutory agencies to work collectively for the long term.
2. To support community involvement in decision making about the future of Strathard’s communities and environment.
3. To improve Strathard communities as places to work, live and visit.
4. To deliver positive social, economic, health and environmental benefits by recognising and restoring the rich natural assets of the area.
5. To promote communication and co-ordination of activities between community organisations and agencies for the further development of Strathard.
6. To promote the best use and programming of resources and assets to ensure that development is both possible and sustainable.

• Meet quarterly each year: March; June; September; December.
• Chair provided by the Partner providing admin. support (review after 6 months).
• Agenda, minutes, venue hire shared by Partners (changing every 6 months), initially LLTNPA (March-Oct 2018), then Stirling Council (Oct 2018-March 2019) (review after 6 months).