Update on changes at the Aberfoyle Play Park

As part of the implementation of the Community Action Plan we are going to look at what improvements can be made to the existing play facilities at Aberfoyle Play Park. To this end we have formed a small working group consisting of Alison Boa (Aberfoyle Village People), Allison Graham (Strathard Community Trust) and Lynn Warrington (Aberfoyle Parent Council). As it happens, Stirling Council have also been in touch to inform us that they intend to replace the ‘tower’ structure which they consider needs an upgrade. So, if you have noticed that the rope ladder on one side of the frame is missing – this is why! Council staff have this week removed the rope ladder and boarded up the gap at the top. Between now and March 2018 they will be replacing the whole structure with a new one. The Council have also indicated that they will be sorting out the path as well as weaving the willow whips, which are now very very tall, back into the screen that surrounds the climbing structure.

The Council are also going to give us a price list of potential new play structures which we can look at as a community to enhance the park, such as a smaller climbing structure for younger children. We will post up details of options once we have them.  We have spoken to them about more accessible picnic benches too. The preferred option now is metal benches as they require less maintenance. We would prioritise accessibility for wheelchairs, buggies etc. and Stirling Council have indicated that they would take this into consideration.

We have also noticed that the zip wire seats have been taken down, and we assume that this is part of the Council’s ongoing maintenance of play equipment.

Our working group will work with the Council to make the most of this investment into our Play Park, and we will also assess play facilities elsewhere in Strathard. As always, comments and feedback is very welcome!